When I went to Lucky’s, I was in the mood for a low-key bar where I could just kick back, relax and open a beer with zero risk of aggressive music, massive crowds, long lines, etc. It was a little later on a Friday night (like 11:00pm) so I was skeptical that I’d find this kind of place in the heart of Wicker Park. But I did!

Stellas at Lucky’s Sandwich Co.

Lucky’s was everything I was in the mood for. Their beer selection was pretty good, though I ended up going with my go-to, Stella, instead of trying something new. What was more awesome was the fact that their kitchen was open until 1:00am. I couldn’t believe my luck! It had been a long, busy day and I had been so preoccupied that I had forgotten to eat dinner. So, the fact that I could order anything on the menu at a cool place (versus the late-night drive thru’s or pizza places that I loathe) was pretty sweet.

Sports Bar
Definitely would come back for something like Monday night football. Sammies, big TVs and brewskis. What else does one need?

The server was really cool and the service was quick. Then again, it’s not like it was packed so who knows what it’d be like on a busy night. Anyway, I got wings and my friend got a pastrami sandwich. Personally, I wasn’t crazy about the pastrami sandwich but that’s probably because I’m just not a fan of pastrami. The wings were awesome. I did half buffalo and half cajun. The cajun was amazing. I highly recommend it.

Cajun wings on the right side. So good.

If you’re out in Wicker Park looking for that perfect low-key, late-night eatery, I’d say this spot is worth a visit. It’s a fun place to just hang out and be yourself. I enjoyed it.

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