Roscoe Village

I am hesitant to share this post. I really am. This place is a treasure and I am afraid word will get out and I won’t be able to walk in at my leisure and it will become a raving hot spot. Alas, I can not keep anything this good a secret.

Lush is still waiting for their liquor license so they can not serve alcohol yet. They can and do, however, sell a massive variety of all wines in their store. Many of the bottles are only $10. So what happens is, you walk in on the right side, pick out a bottle of wine that suits you and pay for it at the register (or ask them to put it on your tab). Then, you walk into the adjoining room where there’s a gorgeous bar and several picnic-style dining tables. They’ll bring you a menu that has quite the assortment of cheeses and other appetizers typical of a wine bar, but there are also great sandwiches. I, myself, am partial to the Croque Monsieur. And that’s all I’m going to say about that! Like I said, I am afraid to share too much about this good thing.

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