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Like New York City’s High Line project before it, Chicago’s Bloomingdale Trail is well on its way to becoming the next great elevated park success story. The project is currently under construction – transforming the old Canadian Pacific Railway viaduct into a beautiful 3-mile long elevated trail, incorporating five ground-level neighborhood parks, art installations and much more. The park will run through and connect the communities of Wicker Park, Bucktown, Humboldt Park and Logan Square.

Scheduled for a Fall 2014 completion, the project is already in high gear. According to, as of January 9, 2014 the following have been completed:

  • The 21-day closures for viaduct work at Artesian, Maplewood and Talman are complete, and streets/sidewalks have been reopened.
  • Work to clean and assess viaduct walls at Sacramento/Humboldt Blvd is complete and lanes are open.
  • Fencing has been installed at ground-level areas from Ashland Ave (1600W) to Kimball Ave (3400W).
  • Brush, trees and plants that are invasive or in the way of construction have been removed along the Bloomingdale Trail and at future access points from Ashland Ave (1600W) to Kimball Ave (3400W).
  • Sandblasting work to clean the walls and wall repair has been completed at the Churchill Park Dog Friendly Area. The DFA is currently open to the public
  • Viaducts from Artesian to Fairfield and Mozart to Humboldt have been cleaned. And walls on the north side of Bloomingdale Ave have been cleaned as far west as Humboldt Blvd (3000W).
  • Construction fencing is complete at future access parks and along many areas of the trail, including securing former access points at Milwaukee and Leavitt. (If you see damage or destruction to construction fencing, please call (773) 661-9172. If you see trespassers in construction areas, please call police.)
  • Railroad track, ties and old railings along the trail have been removed from Ashland Ave. to Sawyer Ave.
  • Park 567 opened to the public at Milwaukee and Leavitt in early September, 2013.

For more construction updates on the Bloomingdale trail, including what is happening now and what else is coming up, visit:

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